Cantor 20.042020-04-28

We continue working on improving the usability of Cantor. Another important change in 20.04 is the new feature collapsible cells which allows the user to collapse the results of a... Read full announcement

Cantor 19.122019-12-23

Recently, the KDE community announced the release 19.12 of KDE applications, inlcuding Cantor. Many highlights of this release are mentioned in the release announcement. Today we’d like to highlight the... Read full announcement

Cantor 19.082019-08-15

(Original post written by Alexander Semke in Labplot’s blog) Read full announcement

Cantor in GSoC 2019 - Support to Jupyter notebooks2019-06-09

This year Cantor has a slot in Google Summer of Code program. The developer Nikita Sirgienko, mentored by Alexander Semke, is working to provide support to Jupyter notebooks in Cantor.... Read full announcement

Cantor in KDE Applications 19.042019-04-18

Cantor new version was released with KDE Applications 19.04 bundle. The main changes are: Read full announcement