Cantor in GSoC 2020

June 13, 2020

KDE is once again taking part in Google Summer of Code program and this time Cantor has 2 internships working to improve the software and bringing new features. Both projects are supervised by Alexander Semke and Stefan Gerlach.

Nikita Sirgienko is polishing usability and developing several small features present in other mathematical REPL applications to improve the user experience in Cantor. In his words, “the idea of this project is not to implement one single and big “killer feature” but to address several smaller and bigger open and outstanding topics in Cantor”.

Shubham is bringing the documentations of the programming languages supported by Cantor to the application itself. Currently, Cantor just provides a link to the documentations websites, and obviously it can be improved. When this project be successed, it will be possible to provide documentation search and context sensitive help facilities.

Follow Nikita project’s blog and Shubham project’s blog for news about their progress.

Happy hacking!